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The Data Decision Diagram Library

libDDD is a data decision diagram library. It provides algorithms and data structures to implement symbolic manipulation of data, in particular in the context of model-checking. It offers support for Hierarchical Set Decision Diagrams, and the simpler Data Decision Diagrams. Operations on theses structures are both efficiently and elegantly encoded as Homomorphisms.

See ddd.lip6.fr for more information about this project.


This document describes all the public data structures and functions of libDDD. This aims to be a reference manual, not a tutorial.

Although some effort has been invested in creating these doxy pages, the actual source files often contain more comments which are not doxy-compliant.

Handy starting points

Most user functionality is found in the files:

For SDD: SDD.h (Basic set operations) SHom.h (Homomorphisms)

For DDD: DDD.h (Basic set operations) Hom.h (Homomorphisms)

Then, as a starting point, have a look at the pages GSDD, and GShom.

Remember that garbage collection should be done by invoking MemoryManager::garbage().

Some useful annex functionality can be found in statistic.hpp and util/dotExporter.h

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